Bliss pack building - Safe Sex Minstry

On March 8, 2020 Sister Joan (taking picture), Sister Aioli, Guard Mary Kris MissTrie, Guard Anita, and Cheryl (Trie's S.O.) constructed our safe sex kits also known as Bliss Kits. The kits contained condoms, lube, a card to Thrive (Huntsville Health Resource) and our version of the Play Fair pamphlet, all contained in a nice hard shell case. In our first run we completed 75 kits to be used for our Safe Sex/Condom Ministry. In future kits we hope to include internal condoms as well as oral condoms. Our version of the Play Fair pamphlet was condensed into a folding sheet 7cm squared (The size of a condom wrapper). We worked with a local OBGYN to update the information, including information about PrEP.