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Sister Gretchen Gitaround


 Abbess Mother  - President

Date Started: October 2018


My name is Gretchen Gitaround. I first heard about the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence in early 2008. 

I, along with 4 other close friends, decided to begin a Mission of SPI. After a year and a few months of learning our community, working to produce events that raised LGBTQIA awareness and safer sex education, and just general mischief making, our group reached our goal of attaining House status on December 21, 2009. We became known as the Magic City Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence (in Birmingham Alabama).

After serving as Secretary, Vice President and President of MCS, and devoting my time and abilities for ten years to the House, I began to look around at the many other cities in Alabama that needed the services and unique perspective of Sisters. It was then that myself and 4 other individuals decided to bring Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence to the growing City of Huntsville Alabama. 

Though our Mission is new, there is a FIERY passion to help Huntsville become aware of LGBTQIA issues confronting us daily. We attained permission from "the powers that be" to begin our journey in March 2019. 

I am always mindful of the lessons learned while ministering in Birmingham, and am so thankful that Huntsville has opened their hearts and minds to the message and love Sisters present. Should you run across our Rocket City Sisters, please stop and say hello. A word of encouragement and support goes a long way to helping us as we strive for safer sex education (eliminating HIV/AIDS in our lifetime) and awareness!

I am SO blessed to have found this wonderful organization (SPI) and to be working along side like-minded individuals to give a voice to those who can not speak for themselves. May you always find joy in the small things of life, victory in the challenges of life, and love from the people in your life!

"The prejudices people feel about each other disappear when they get to know each other." — Captain Kirk 

Sister Double Penetration

Sister Double Penetration

 Mistress of Novices 

Start Date: October 2018

 I started my journey as a Sister 10 years ago this year. I have always been concerned with those "living on the fringe's of society", but when I became a Sister, it became my mission. Sisters work tirelessly to make the lives of those in our LGBTQIA+POC community more enjoyable and have value. This is my heart and my passion. So you only have to know Sisters to understand why I joined. Anyone wishing they could "help others" or "make a difference need to look no further than Sisters to find an organization that works tirelessly for change. It's the best decision I have ever made... now I have a purpose and a family where I truly belong!  

".How do you measure the life of a man?"  - Rent 

Guard Anita Bong


Start Date: October 2019

Guard Mary Kris Misstrie


 Master of Alms 

 Start Date: February 2019

A rock star from the country of Rap, Mary Kris Misstrie  (Trie to her

friends), was walking with her wife through the PRIDE

festival a few years ago when she happened upon a group

known as Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. She grew to

understand that the “Sisters” were a group known for their

unorthodox wit and irreverent humor. “I would fit into this

group very nicely” she thought. It was several year later

before a group of space alien landed in their rocket ship at

the Space and Rocket Center carrying a group known as

Rocket City Sisters. Trie immediately connected with this

crazy, yet strangely beautiful group. One night as the RCS

and their new member Trie were out “ministering”, she

happened on two beautiful lady’s (using the term loosely)

Unita and Anita of the Liquor Flogger group. As she

approached them she caught the eye of Anita. She asked

Anita if she wanted to dance to which Anita replied “I’d

rather take you out back…” Trie immediately agreed and the

two of them soon realized that they had a cosmic

connection with Anita on the cross and Trie holding the


Sister Aioli Stromboli of the UnHoly Cannoli Clan

Aioli Stromboli of the UnHoly Cannoli Clan

 Mistress of Habits

Start Date: October 2018

After landing on earth, her long journey from a planet known as

Pizq Adni (which translated mean Fart House) complete, Aioli

Stromboli of the UnHoly Cannoli clan, this human eating Lizard

robot from outer space, began to pass herself off as a man. Not

just any man, but a drag queen known as Kabbahla Divine. Months

passed and she began to assemble a following. Little did anyone

know but she was taking men to her lair and devouring their “souls”

before releasing these soulless creatures back on earth to do her

bidding. Then she came across this furry creature known simply a

Harry (Manillblow). She found she was attracted to him when one

evening they were in the Deja Vieux bathroom blowing young men.

She began to pursue him and soon had him in her lair. But Harry,

not having a soul, was not affected by her “horizontal mamba” and

was able to escape. Confused by her inability to hold power over

Harry, she thought to herself; “I’ll find a group to hunt with, there’s

power in numbers.” Just then the Rocket City Sisters came into the


Sister Joan of Cox

Joan of Cox

 Mistress of Propaganda

& Mistress of Scribes

 Start Date: February 2019


Sister Joan of Cox has committed his life to the service of others. He has worked with a number of Not for Profits in the North Alabama area since 2009, including Grateful Life Community Church, Renaissance Theater,  and The Historic Lowry House. From 2007- 2009 he served as a member of the Tennessee Intercollegiate State Legislature as well as on the TISL 3G Appellant Moot Court. While at UAHuntsville he was co-founder  of the UAH Gay-Straight Alliance, and served as President of the UAH Political Science Club. 

  Outside of his service work, his hobbies include painting, cooking, gaming, singing with his church, and playing several instruments. Sister Joan has degrees in both Communications and English Literature, and is more than happy to share his current favorite book and social media tips  with anyone. 

  Sister Joan first became aware of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence in 2010 at Nashville Pride when he met a member of the Music City Sisters. He saw the way sisters are able to unite the entire community and serve as a bright ambassador of love, compassion, and safe sex education. In January of 2019 he saw a Facebook post made by Sister Aioli Stromboli about bringing the Sisters to Huntsville. Sister Joan knew then that the stars had aligned and the universe was opening a new door. In the time since his first meeting he has unlocked his heart of hearts in his service to the LGBTQIAPOC community. 

  Sister Joan personally identifies with  Saint Joan of Arc; The Maid of Orleans, and it is from her that he derives his name. As for the later part of his name, one can certainly use their imaginations.

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.”    

 -Dr. Maya Angelou-